Detoxify the body and remove all impurities from the body

Improve blood circulation and metabolism

Reduce fat accumulation and effectively eliminate swelling

Treat varicose veins and help restore slim legs

Relieve joint and muscle pain, revitalize the body

Natural ingredients to boost internal immunity

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The Innovative Formula Of SilkyGurus

Scar Removal Spray

SilkyGurus scar removal spray is made of 100% natural plant ingredients, without any harsh chemical components, and suitable for all skin types, ages, and anyone to use.

Witch Hazel:

Has pore-shrinking effects, which helps improve the appearance of scars and reduce the formation of hypertrophic scars. It also promotes blood circulation and enhances skin cell metabolism and immune function.

Aloe Vera:

Rich in polysaccharides, which have excellent antioxidant properties that help the skin restore its normal appearance and texture.

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